ZX Online Philippine Bot ?

For every new online games launched, gamers usually search for cheats and bots. I was able to say that because I’m seeing a handful of daily web traffic related to bots or cheats of new online games released here in the Philippines. Like for example this ZX Online Philippines which was just recently went online, this website recorded keywords like ZX Online Philippines Bot and ZX online cheats. Is this becoming a part of a gamer’s adventure online? Well, I hope not, because my personal opinion is that, a gamer will enjoy more if he/she plays fair and without using any bot or cheat. But of course this is just my personal opinion while other gamers say otherwise.


  1. When you play online against other humans, in my opinion, is definitely more satisfactory when you win with your own abilities. But for others, it makes them think that they are smart when in the reality they have shame of theirselves. Well, at least is what I think.

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