ZX Online Limited Edition Kit for SD gamers


My blog entry last December 18 talks about the shutting down of Supreme Destiny Philippines on December 31, 2008. Then last monday E-games came out with a little compensation for their SD community and at the same time inviting the SD community to move to ZX Online. To those players who don’t know about this ZX Online, well it’s one of the newest MMO offering of E-games.

After reading the news I came to know that the first active 5000 Supreme Destiny players will get this ZX Online Limited Edition Kit. Inside the said special kit includes a detailed ZX Online: Journey to Immortality map and game guide, limited edition CD installer with screenshots and videos, and voucher codes. Not just that Active SD players will be given cool and exclusive in-game items throughout their ZX ONLINE adventures.
Here are the things you should do starting December 26 ,2008:

– Login to www.e-games.com.ph and sign in your account
– Go to My Account and click Online: Journey to Immortality Limited Edition Kit Reservation link.
– Fill out the form. Make sure you complete all necessary details
– Read additional information and know the options on how to get that Special KIT.

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