Zu Online Open Beta

When I saw the advertisement of this new MMO  Zu Online over at mmorpg.com I told myself that ” this would be the last mmorpg game to download this year”.  So, I started downloading the 900mb ++ yesterday and finally got a chance to resume the download and finished it today. 

Zu online is from IGG and its just one of their MMORPG games released internationally.

First Glance
When I checked on the ZU online website I thought the graphics used of those ZU characters were  just for website purpose. I didn’t expect that the actual graphics In-game is also like Anime made graphics.  See the picture below for reference. As you can see its not really a high-resolution 3D graphics but a basic and a flat one.  At first I thought the game  sucks but as I spent more time on the game I can say my first glance of the game is just fine.

Character / Environment Graphics
The character graphics is unique. Even though its not a high-resolution human 3D like design , still it blended well on the environment.  I still like how it was made.

Zu Online

At this point I cannot really rate the game play since I just started playing this an hour ago.

Putting more help guide that would be shown randomly on the screen would make the adventures of some newbies a little bit easier.  Since this is still on Open Beta I’m sure the game developers will be able to see stuff to improve. As of this post I’m satisfied with the mouse and keyboard controls.

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