Xbox One – A new system for console gamers


My Xbox360 is still functioning well and still provide entertainment to the family and now Xbox One is coming out very soon. Of it doesn’t really matter. In due time gamers will reach to a point where he decides if it needs to try a new experience and a new console.

The recent E3 conference made it clear that Xbox One isn’t just a game console but an entertainment piece of hardware. With Xbox One gamer can simply switch game to TV show, surf the Web, check on movies, use Skype with just the sound of your voice.

So how much is this Xbox One ? the price tag is $499 and it will be available ahead of PS4 on November 2013. Start saving if you like to have one. Check out the features that comes with it.

– with CPU 8-core x86 AMD
– XBOX One comes with a Hard drive Built-in (500GB)
– 8GB DDR3
– Real-time gameplay steaming (Twitch)
– The new Kinect is sensitive enough to pick up human movements.
– Xbox One uses Wi-Fi Direct to connect its controller
– This new Xbox requires periodic online check-ins in order to play games. I hope Microsoft can really convince people to think this is a good thing.
– Does not allow you to share your game with other Xbox one players unless the game publishers made it to share.

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