X Machine PH – First Glance review

X-Machine from Run-UP Ph is currently on its Open Beta Test. Actually this first glance review is a long overdue as the OBT client was sitting on my desktop for weeks already but I haven’t really touch it after the installation due to some other engagement.

Basically X-Machine Online is a 3D action,fighting, and role-playing game. Upon entering the game for the first time you need to create your character. You can check the screen below.

As you can see not all characters are available at this point but I believe it will be open as players goes on with the game or when patch comes up.  Like with other game each characters have its own skills too.

The game graphics is not that superior compare to other similar side scrolling game in the industry but I’m still hopeful that its game play and player’s enjoyment will carry the game. Since this is just a First Glance review, I cannot comment on the game play as I only played the game for several hours.

The x-machine image below is the territory map in which you can enter based on your level.

The image below shows a machine enemy and some x-machine players and its pet.

Honestly, I’m not a side scrolling game fanatic except of course for Mario Bros Series and this old Nintendo game Contra. So far for this game lets just say I haven’t installed yet on my I-cafe PC unless there will be someone asking for it.

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