Wolfteam PH : First Glance

Hybrid first person shooter online game. This is the shortest line I can describe Wolfteam.

As soon as you login to the game client you will need to choose a server which is labeled by countries. Of course its up to you which server you want to enter. The game environment and graphics are nicely created and pleasant to the gamers’ eyes. Like other FPS there are hundreds of High-tech weapons to choose from both Free and Premium weapons. While wolf human hybrid during Human Vs Wolf battle can pick different kinds of wolf hybrid. The movement is also smooth and it reacts within split seconds to keyboard and mouse keys which is very important to any FPS game.

What I like with wolfteam is that, its not just shoot and kill type of FPS or you just take out your knife and involve in close range combat. Wolfteam needs additional skill and strategy. You can use Wolf Human Hybrid form to help you jump higher, crawl on walls when you need to and of course the human and wolf human hybrid combo to take down your enemy. Meaning you need to practice your fingers to shift and use unique features of the said game.

After trying the game for couple of times I can now say Wolfteam is one of the unique First Person Shooter Online Game in the industry. You can Download Wolfteam here.


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