Win ONE MILLION PESOS in the e-Gamer Millionaire Promo!


Last Domination 3, IP E-GAMES came up with a promo where E-gamer can win One Million Pesos by topping up Epoints. Every top-up of E-game’s Gamecard credits will have its raffle points equivalent.

20eP = 1 Raffle Point
50eP = 3 Raffle Points
100eP = 7 Raffle Points
200eP = 15 Raffle Points
300eP = 25 Raffle Points
500eP = 45 Raffle Points
1000eP = 100 Raffle Points

The Prizes
1st Prize Grand Raffle Draw: Php1,000,000
2nd Prize Grand Raffle Draw: Php100,000
3rd Prize Grand Raffle Draw: Php50,000
Consolation Prize Grand Raffle Draw: 5,000eP (10 winners)
Monthly Raffle Draw: 10,000eP (7 winners)
Consolation Prize Monthly Draw: 500eP (70 winners)

The complete mechanics can be found at Promo page

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