When will be pokemon go released in the philippines ?


Yeah we all know there are huge pokemon fan based in the Philippines. With this Pokemon GO releases in other countries Filipinos are becoming more and more eager to try the full release of the game in the Philippines. Some of us were able to try game a month ago by downloading APK outside google play store but eventually it was not accessible anymore since it was not fully released in the country.


So now the question once more arise is when is the release of Pokemon Go in the Philippines ? Some Asian countries already enjoying the game but as of today there are no announcements yet as when this game will be released in the Philippines. Maybe we should wait a little longer.

Players are hoping that there will be no hindrances in the release of the game in the Philippines. Like for example in south korea. Pokemon Go was reported will be not released there as their government won’t allow it. This is due to the Pokemon Go using real-time geospatial technologies and Google’s map data which South Korea restricted it.

Meanwhile Nintendo and Niantic, the developer of the game would also like to make sure there game servers are all stable and can handle huge amount of traffic before they will add more countries.

When will be pokemon go released in the Philippines ? we can only hope this August 2016.

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