Granado Espada Philippines is not F2P

I’ve been hearing from many of our shop gamers that they stoped playing Granado Espada due to the game is not free to play. I should admit when Granado Espada Philippines still have no game load many of our customers including me were excited and played the game but at some point they are now shifting to other new free to play MMORPG in the country like Perfect World Philippines and Lineage 2 Philippines. Another issue the game load of Granado Espada is still not available here in Binan Laguna. My shop sell almost all Game Loads but our supplier hasn’t ordered yet the game load of the said game. I was informed they will wait first for the game to become very popular in the area they are distributing game cards. Below is the game load denomination of GE. I  think its still affordable specially the P20 load.

30 Days = P300
10 Days = P100
5 days  = P20

For the meantime lets just wait what marketing strategy of the game publisher will implement in the future. I assumed in other area Granado Espada is a hit but not in our area.  To end this entry I’m still looking forward to continue spending a little extra time in playing the game. 

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