Warrock PH Ver 2.0

Warrock Philippines will be requiring all its gamers to download the new warrock Client on or before October 22, 2009 as the servers will be using the new and improved version of the game. The new version did some improvement to its textures, atmospheric lighting and high energy ambiance.

Before Installing the new Warrock client, make sure you uninstall the old client.


  1. Can I ask? Well if I can…

    What exactly is the size of this new client when it is installed?
    Because I don’t want to download the full client again.
    Just the Manual Patch, do they have the same size when it is applied to the old client?
    And does it work?

  2. idk lol,
    but, ya like yu said,
    i dont want to download the client, i already have the manual patch.
    but i dont knw how to EXACTLY use it..

    someone help PLEASE

  3. Hello peeps,
    i need some help is it possible to play warrock philippines, even if i am abroad?pls pls…. is any way i can play. coz, i dont like there kind of warrock here so boring.need help. i miss my warrock philippines. the game is updated but the problem is i can’t play,when i login.its just no effect at all. can any1 help me.? pls..pls…

  4. hey papz.. can u help me?? i want to download warrock from their site, but when it goes to 78% or sumthing, it cant go straight up to 100%… and it said, because of the server not availbe? can u help mi ? plsss?? wana play warrock inh my pc… ser…

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