Vincent Valentine of Final Fantasy VII

I got my hand on this old Final Fantasy VII game and so I did a researched and decided to post it here. Vincent Valentine is a fictional character in the Role Playing Game Final Fantasy VII. He was merely a subject for experimentation and somehow his existance is a top secret.

Vincent Valentine’s Profile and Skill level

Age – 27
Job – Unemployed
Weapon – Gun
Birthdate – October 13
Birthplace – Unknown

Limit Breaks –
Level 1 – Galian Beast -Berserk Dance
– Vincent transforms into a malevolent, wild purple beast that unleases a variety of spells and attacks against the enemy.

Level 2 РDeath Gigas РGiga Dunk 
– Vincent transforms himself into a Frankenstien like monster.
Level 3 – Hellmasker
-Vincent transforms into a hockey masked, chainsaw armed, psychotic being.

Level 4 – Chaos – Chaos Saber
– Vincent transforms into a malevolent winged demon, and attacks the enemy with Chaos Saber and Satan Slam.

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