Valkyrie Sky Online – First Glance

Valkyrie Sky is an MMO Shootem up type of Online game (MMOShMUP). The game is unique in a sense that we don’t see that much of this type of online game.

I went to the whole and basic processes of MMO. At of this time you will only see one server which call it Fryer. Then creation of character comes next. Valkyrie Sky Online comes with the following Classes and sub-jobs : Swordman( Fighter, Knight, Defender), Summoner(Conjurer, Tamer), Bowman (Archer, Hunter, Ranger), Wizards (Mage, Sorcerer). There are no character customization and the graphics are not that stunning but its still within regular MMO level.

Exploring the Land in Valkyrie Sky gives you the RPG experience then upon accepting the first few quest this make you experience the arcade style Shootem Up MMO. Strategy in manuevering is needed or else you die. Upon completion you gain gold and experience.



Missions or quests do have some stages. The higher the stage the difficult to finish the mission.


You can also do some fishing in game. Another thing the captured my interest to try the game is that according to the official website, you can combine skill from different jobs in which I haven’t try that yet.


So, if you want to try a whole new online game experience, open that browser and download Valkyrie Sky Online.

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