Valentine’s Day for Gamers

Its that time of the year again where the gamers community becomes busy in planning where to go and thinking of what gift to give their loved-one. While some think its time to have a break from going
online, some of these gamers might just spend in-game with their friends and long distance loved-ones. Spending it in-game sometime is more practical and enjoyable for the couples and friends especially the gamers.

Below are some ideas I just thought it earlier. I hope it can help you in planning your Valentine’s Day.

1. You and your honey can go to an Icafe / home and play together. Make sure you treat her by buying something to eat and drink before you start playing on Valentine’s Day.

2. For the gamers who fell inlove in-game and don’t have a chance to go out on a date, what you can do is buy him/her a premium item like a cute pet, hundred potions, fashion outfit, flights and mounts etc.

3. You can also surprise him/her by asking him/her to go online and meet him/her in-game but secretly
you plan to visit him in person on Valentine’s Day.

4. Compile those game screenshots you and your honey did before and put it together. You can add love messages and real photos of both of you. You can use photoshop or paintbrush in editting those
graphics then send it to him/her.

5. If you can ask the GM to shout out your message to your honey In-game then request it. If not, just buy those premium message shoutout item and do it yourself.

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