Twelve sky 2 Philippines Download

I just got a Twelve Sky 2 Philippines Installer few minutes ago from mygame agent here in San Pedro. Actually, I wasnt aware that the Pre Beta of Twelve Sky 2 Philippine was scheduled today at 2pm and so without further delay I installed it and still patching as of this writing.

You can also download the Twelve Sky 2 Philippines at their official download site . I tested it and the downloading speed is quite fast. I’m getting 80kbps. The download size is 1.92Gig so make sure you have more than enough hard disk space before installing it. And also please remove Twelve sky international to avoid conflict with your 12sky 2 PH installer.

19 comments to Twelve sky 2 Philippines Download

  • jeric  says:

    maganda kc e2 ehh

  • aw  says:

    boring pangit ng moves. repetitive moves and skills.

  • amanoma_0008  says:

    how to download the game

  • sed  says:

    hahahhahahhahha ok

  • wolfy  says:

    need bang naka log in ka sa windows mo as admin to be able to play the 12 sky game?

  • diabolic  says:

    bakit po may error na lumalabas na [Error::mGXD.Init(5)] at [Error::ApplicationInit()]??..anu po ba prob nun??

  • Harvey  says:

    wag kayo dito mgdownload…

  • ambanget00  says:

    tol pa download nmn ng twelvsky 2 salamaat

  • pokemon3k  says:

    i love these theve sky 2 ph

  • pokemon3k  says:

    ako si ryan hahhahahahha

  • alzalnit  says:

    pah 2long nmn mg download….. ty

  • wartakok  says:

    paano mag doawn load ng twelvsky2

  • basanor  says:

    pah tulong namn mg download ^_^ ty

  • basanor  says:

    pwd cuh po bang mag download sa 12sky hepl po ^_^

  • nc11dead  says:

    paano ba pa download sa twelvsky

  • chester  says:

    panu po mag download misnamis ko na ito pls adept 15 palang me ya

  • michael banaag  says:

    pwd po b aku mag twelvesky kht nr2 aku sa riyadh

  • michael banaag  says:

    pnu b mag download? alin website dmi kc nalabas

  • vanessa  says:

    ou nga po panu po ba mag download ni2 pa link nman po plss gus2 ko rin laro ni2

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