Top Speed Online Philippines

I never thought E-games forum has this section for Top Speed Game until I visited their forum today.

So, what’s this Top Speed ? Basically, its an online Kart like Game from IAHGames and ICE Entertainment. Some of its features are:  5 different types of performance upgrades, can customize avatars each with its own nickname, gender, horoscope, profile and it has also over 1000 items available in the CBT version. Every individual racer will have a unique look and performance.

Closed Beta Server will be up until October 1, 2008.  You can register here Top Speed Online I think its a SEA server.

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  1. Desperate move from E-Gaymes! 😛

    E-Gaymes is the new GMA-7 in Ph-MMO scene, while LUG! is the ABS-CBN. MyGame would just be TV5 in this MMO Ratings race.

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