Tomb Raider 2013 on Xbox360 – First Glance Review


I believe this is my first time to play any Tomb Raider Game. However, the Lara Croft character is not new to me as I’m a fan of the movies before. Basically, this post would be my first glance review for Tomb Raider on Xbox360.

Few months back upon learning that there will be a new Tomb Raider I’m one of those people who got excited. Crystal Dynamics’ prequel to Tomb Raider is really a good call.

Tomb Raider 2013 game started with Ship traveling to the west direction but later on Lara Croft suggested to the entire expedition team to go East instead as she believe that east path will go directly to Dragon’s triangle. Ross, the Captain of the ship agreed with Lara Croft and so they went East though the expedition leader does not agree on it. After that an unfortunate even happened while they are heading to that direction. Their ship got wrecked and Lara found herself in a shore when a mysterious man hit her. The next thing she knows she is in this cave or underground place tied up. Then her adventure has begun. Remember the character of Lara croft in this game is young frighten and just starting her exploration adventure.

The game play experience is enjoyable and while controlling Lara you can really feel that Lara character being hurt, frighten and trying to survive. The torch will be your first item that will help you see the path you are walking through. Controls like climbing, jumping, bumping stuff is smooth and nicely done. OF course cinematic embedded in the game is just wonderful. The game is full of free flowing enjoyment as you explore the island.

Now the game is finally here and the first hour controlling Lara Croft in the game in her adventure is simply amazing. Its time to say to the team such as the developers, designers and the story author/s a really wonderful job. I might not finish the game as fast as other gamers out there it would definitely make me busy for the next few days.

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