Things to do during Game Maintenance.

MMO needs to have backup and weekly maintenance especially those with large community. During this period all gamers can’t enter the game. To avoid boredom you can try some activities below :

– Go ahead bring your boyfriend/girlfriend out and watch a movie. This is your chance to make it up to him/her.

– Fix your room and bath your pet.

– Work out and regain those abs you lost during long hours sitting infront of the computer while playing your favorite games.

– Update yourself with whats going on in the world by reading world news like this one : collection of current world events

– Eat Chocomucho. The best chocolate bar for gamers.

– Showcase your avatar or signatures by posting in the game forums.
Basically, those are just some things you can do during game maintenance. How about you? what things you can suggest during game maintenance?

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