The Walking Dead 400 Days Review – First Glance


Game Introduction

I’ve been a follower of  The Walking Dead  Tv series since it started in 2010 and since  Season 4 is still not here playing game like The Walking Dead would fill the eagerness of the new season. This The Walking Dead 400 Days is a Downloadable Content (DLC) for the Season 1 of this PC game-  The Walking Dead.  It came out last month July 5, 2013.  This game introduces several characters where you play each of them and from there you will know their stories and adventures.

Game Characters

As of this post I only played two characters. The story of Russell and Bonnie. I embedded game play video for these two characters. Please understand that if you can planning to play the game you better skip the watching of the game play so that it won’t spoil your enjoyment and at least the suspense is still there.


Game Plays, Story Lines and Graphics.

The gameplay is okay with drama and the surprise attack of the writer is there  however I find the adventure story is very short. Well, its understandable this is just DLC but for me  its too short to know the stories of each characters. The graphics looks like  a Realism art and I believe it matches this type of game. If you are use to superior graphics then you will be disappointed with this but again this is okay for this game.


The Walking Dead 400 Days  Gameplay Video

My Own Conclusion

The Walking Dead 400 Days is definitively in a different game genre than  what most hard core gamers are playing. The game is Full of Drama, heart pumping surprises and thrilling adventures as you go along playing the game.

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