The Sims 3 Review – The First Glance


I just started playing The Sims 3 few days ago.  This game is a strategic life-simulation video game. Going back to the origin of this game well the first Sims came out back in 2000 for Windows users. The developer is Maxis and Publisher is Electronic Arts. Then came a lot of expansion packs as well as different releases or editions. The sequel which is The Sims 2 came out in 2004 and couple of new features and expansion packs also was released after several months until few years after that. By June 2, 2009, The Sims 3 was released and after more than a year after it was  released, it became available to different consoles and smartphones. Expansion Packs was released also and infact The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion packs has just been released earlier this month and an upcoming Seasons Expansion pack will be released by November 2012. Hopefully, I could still catch up with those newer expansion packs and further enjoy the game.

Before I started playing I first watched the intro video of the game. It looks fun and promising. Actually I tried The Sims Social on facebook but I shifted my focus on The Sims 3 for PC first.

The first thing you should do is create your game by selecting your town then you should create you own sim or character. Basically you can customize your character by choosing your Name, Age(todler,child, teen, young adult, adult and elder), Gender, Body Buildor modifiers, Skin tone, hair style, eyelashes, face hair, face look, clothings, personality (traits and lifetime wish or goal). You can also just choose random character that the computer will generate. As soon as you finish creating your character you will be given $16,000 initial funds to get you started. First thing you should buy your house. You can choose furnished or unfurnished and after that you are ready to play the game.

Since this is a real-life simulation game basically you do what a person normally does everyday. You talk a bath, use the restroom, wash you hands, change clothes, brush your teeth to maintain your hygiene. You eat different foods to avoid getting hungry and restore daily energy. You also socialize to be a normal person. You can visit your neibhors as well. Since I pick young adult as my Sim I need to work to be able to pay for my bills, buy foods and other equipment for the house. You need also to go to sleep.

There are also some huge numbers of establishments you can visit like Gym, schools, Police department, public pools, City Hall, Central Parks, Offices, Restaurants. Theatres, Bookstore, Hospitals and the list goes on.

The graphics of the game is nicely done, vibrant, soundtracks are great. The game also runs on 3D environment where you can zoom in zoom out and rotate it.

Once you play this game you will be very busy living it as you have a lot to do in-game. There is a buy mode where you can shop for stuff and decorate your home. There is also a build mode where you fix your house, put pools, fences, change your roofs and a lot of stuff. Remember this is just the base game of The Sims 3. Just imagine if I added those expansion sets or packs. So far the game entertains me as a player which I consider it as a thumbs up.

So there that my first glance review for The Sims 3. I will be keeping this game here and will be included in my random daily game routine.

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