The Mobs of Sword City – Perfect World Philippines

For every little time I’m spending leveling up my Perfect world WU XIA character I sometimes end up jotting down game related tips or simple guide. For this post I noted all monsters surrounding the SWORD CITY map in Perfect World Philippines. I hope this will help you in accomplishing some quest and where to go guide for newbies.  If you notice there are level 26 mobs in this city. That’s somewhere (474, 777)

SWORD CITY monsters:

– Imp Deserter LVL 3
– Starlight Beatle King LVL 3
– Coffine GhostFire  LVL 3
– Wild Ghost fire  LVL 4
– Throny Bulb LVL  4
– Slim Hopper  LVL 4
– Young Weasel  LVL 5
– Tomb Umbrella Imp LVL 5
– Grave fire spirit LVL 6
– Skeleton Bownman  LVL 6
– Earth Wolf Fighter LVL 26
– Azure Mutapede  LVL 26  (Map 474, 777)


  1. thank you for this. I’m a newbie and I was researching for some tips. I also visited the perfect world forum and some blog sites like yours.

  2. You can also try visiting… It’s a website solely created to cater to PW addicts

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