The Level Up Game site

Lately, I noticed that Level Up website loads a little bit slower than the usual. Does this mean thousands upon thousands of visitors visits their website? That could be the reason since they have different game communities in one entry page. Well, I’m not the only person who noticed it. Some of my online gamer friends say the same about the site. They sometimes┬ácannot load the site at all. If they cannot load the site most probably they cannot load game load on their favorite LUG MMORPG games. I think the main page of LUG Philippines has large files need to be loaded every time you visit it which includes background music, flash advertisement and a number of images. I also noticed a video advertisement plays automatically. That would contribute to the loading time of the said site.

Actually, flash animation works like this: Once you already loaded the flash content of a website you don’t need to load it again when you visit the same site in other time or days unless if there are changes to the flash content. However, some computer or Internet cafe computers (like my icafe) they have this system installed that once the computer was restarted it will revert back to its original clean state. Basically, those flash content and other files were automatically removed.


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