The crowded servers of Silkroad Online

All Servers of silkroad online usually reaches its 200 max players.  I just can’t get in. I’ve  been trying different time of the day for the last 48 hours  Some players are saying to go premium. The problem is how can you purchase premium if you can’t even get into the game? They should have option purchasing silk(silkroad converted pin) on their website.

When I read about the new server which was launched last February 26, I thought it would be easier now to login but I was wrong. Within a day or two the server reaches its max. There were also some speculations that their servers are full of bots in game farming almost 24 hours a day even worst some silkroad players posted on the official silkroad forum that servers were controlled to look crowded so that players should always buy premium for easier login. Again these were just speculations.

Silkroad has good graphics and gameplay but with this constant crowded server scenario it’s becoming a turn off to new recruits.


  1. hey dude yer i just downlaod the game last night.. and i was getting excited to playing then for some reason it said crowed on all i tried and sever but it say server traffic… then a confimation screen came up and canceld game… ohhh and is making a premium acc better or not.. thanks emial me or somin

  2. Don’t go on using premium as I’m still experiencing difficulties in login in. Its a waste of money. Its really hard to login.

  3. well some of my friends ingame tell me that using premium they dont have any difficulties on getting in and advised me to buy it, although most of the really do use bots and every time i can get in i see shitloads of bots huggin spots, still best game i’ve ever played, wish u just didnt have to try and login like 50 times and then play like 2hrs, shit.

  4. u can get in, but in the afternoons most likely. when its populated u can get in no matter what. =] hope that helps

  5. Forcing people to go premium in order to play in a supposedly ‘Free’ game is a scam and it worries me that people are dumb enough to fall for it and pay, especially when you can seldom get in as a free player to even try it, I just tried multiple times, gave up and uninstalled, I suggest others do the same. Just go elsewhere, plenty of other free games, and lots of better games if you’re prepared to pay for one.

  6. i payed it like 2-3 years ago and it was a nice game without any limit problems but when i downloaded it today i just said it’s shit! never seen such a nonsence…

  7. i played it 2 or 3 years ago too now i wantto play it , i download it and is all fucking time CROWED omg-.-
    i dont know what to do xD

  8. i thinks its a joke someone needs to sort it out, maybe bigger servers?? not 3500 on each 1 + seems like your just wasteing your time doing all these inspections because soon as you log in its filled with bots again…… someone just fucking sort it out.

  9. i installed the game and i cant even get on any of servers i never played for a min can you give me a solution? ansver fast…

  10. i give up on SRO perma due to the extreme volumes of crowded servers.personally i believe it a scam * speculated * to get you to pay for slots or better chances to get in.not sure tbh
    if the servers hold a max of 200 players at any one time thats a bit crap Oo
    most mmo’s ive played have had way over 200 players at one time and still the servers allow people in.whats so different in SRO? are the maps that small? lol

  11. they just have to banned those fucking boters so it wont be crowded!!!!! what are the GM’s doing??? aint they recognize what are the human and bots????

  12. OMG i cant get on the game i havent even played it and there is sooo many servers and all crowded plz tell me what time to play on it
    and i bet u that all of the players are bots and just hogging all the space and ive been waiting it for 1hr and a half now im gunna give up

  13. i read these comments and well i uninstalled it lol
    back to wow for me,at least those server wasn’t overcrowded and there’s literally 100000’s playing it daily and still no crowd problems.scam i think to get you to go premium although im not 100% sure its a deffinate something to think about.don’t waste your money guys/gals just find a better more reliable game to try out.i won’t be playing this and especially won’t go premium as i havn’t even had the chance to see if i likke it hahaha
    bye be SKO

  14. Yeah. I completely agree. How the hell am I supposed to know if this game is worth to go premium, if I cant even play this shit. The bots just ruin the game even if you are premium. Its a pretty shitty scam form the game developers. I mean it has to be a scam, because how can they let bots roam soo long in the game. It feels like darkeden in the old days: Players can easly hack your account and use speed hack to easly kill and we ask your money. At least they fixed the hacking problem now. The game is just awesome now, I would go premium now if I had the money. But silkroad, never would go premium for that bullshit and especially because its all a scam. No game I have every seen has had such overcrouding problems.

  15. ive played sro since there were only chinese characters available and the first launch of the second expansion. it was always this way. its always full. many turkish people are addicted to the game. if you buy premium you can logon without a prob. but when you logon, the not-premium users will get disconnected if there is no other slot. so you get to exchange places with that player. Imagine a server with 200, SRO is international. is 200 enough for people in different countries to log on to the game? no, so dont go paranoid about going premium. cause botters use it so that they wont get kicked out when premium users get online 😀 (i dont bot my old account kinda expired lol)

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