Read the Terms of Service of your Game Publisher

Most of us gamers don’t read much about the terms of service or policies of  the Game publisher’s.  I admit even me I haven’t read the entire terms of service so today I decided to check them out one by one. Here some short list you as gamer should be aware of. This is only for Level up Inc., Philippines

1.  A gamer should remember once you sign up for a game account you agree to the Game Publisher’s Terms of Service or agreement.

2. Game Publisher cannot always foresee or anticipate technical or other difficulties. Meaning if the gamer account has been deleted due to hacking or technical errors on database etc game publisher cannot be held responsible. Remember you agree to this during sign up. Protect your account password at all cost.

3. Game Publisher may, in its sole discretion, cease to provide any or all support of the Sites and Services, terminate the Agreement, close all Accounts and cancel all of the rights granted to gamers.

Basically, this will happen when MMORPG is not getting profit from gamers or if developers stop doing updates on the MMORPG game. Remember Game Publishers has monthly expenses on the game servers and employees.

4.  Below is quoted from level up Terms of Service/Agreement/Policy

“You may not probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the Sites or Services, nor breach the security or authentication measures on the Site or Services.”

This is something that interests me.  Does this mean when a game is on its beta testing you cannot explore any vulnerability of the game?

5. Illegal Trading or Cash Transactions. This is not allowed but many gamers are into it. According to their site there is a first offense, second offense then permanent ban.

My personal stand on this is that as long as cash transactions involved here are not too big (P20 to P50) I think game publisher will not mind this at all. On the other hand Game publisher just want to protect us from scammers. Maybe in the future Level Up Inc will become a middle man of cash to In-game items transactions of their gamers. And that would be interesting.

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  1. master mhive bakit kaya bawal ang gold to cash? any idea? dami nga ako nakikita nag gaganun eh. wala naman nangyayari.

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