Tera Online – A look to the Human Race


I first blogged about Tera back in February 2012 and now the launching of the game is almost here and its set on May 1, 2012. Before that for people who haven’t seen the Human Race Trailer of this game please do sit back and play the embedded video I found on youtube. I believe this is from the official site it self. This game look promising. Hopefully I can try this soon.


  1. hey, have you tried this yet? Are you living here in the PH? Cus for some reason, some forums say the servers used for this game has blocked IPs including the ones from the Philippines. I’m kinda lost now cus I want to order the CD from Amazon and I have no idea if it would work here.

  2. If I were you don’t order first. I’ve decided not to order this yet as I’ve decided to go for Diablo 3 at least for now.

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