Tantra II Philippines

My four year old Internet Cafe once became a Tantra Gamers Hideout. Until such time all of my loyal tantra shop gamers graduated from college and eventually moved on with their lives.

AFter hearing some buzz last month from the tantra community  I checked out amped forum. There was few thread there about this new Tantra which they simply called it Tantra II. I came to know Beta test will be this month.  Since there were only very few information about this new Tantra 2, I somehow hoping that AMped would give us more information during the Hataw Hanep Hero – The Amped Edition which is on NOvember 21 – 22, 2008 at the Silver City near Tiendesita.

I’ll just check the event and let see what information I can get.


  1. hey, is tantra II already working? where can i download it? thanks! waiting for your reply! merry x-mas!

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