Talisman Online – First Glance

I was looking for an Online Game to try this week and came across to this Free 3D fantasy MMORPG called Talisman Online. The Talisman Online Client is somewhat small in size and with that it helps me decide to take a look on the game since downloading it won’t take so long.

The first time I went inside the game client, I had a good first impression. The game graphics
isn’t bad and infact its one of the cool game graphics I saw so far.

Character creation is quite basic with features like the ability to change hairstyle and face. The game have five characters to choose from namely Wizard, Monk, Assasin, Fairy and Tamer. Currently, there are five servers to check on. I also came to know that there are only 6 sets of armor for each characters and hopefully as the players continue their adventures, Talisman online developers should add more armors since there are no fashion option for this game. The game Camera View is okay though it cannot do really a close up zoom. Additional features includes :

– Can assign keyboard keys
– Can add friends, Foe and can block users.
– Quests are available
– Can capture pet

The gameplay which I cannot really say since I believe gameplay of any game can only be rated High if the community is big. So far my adventure inside Talisman Online is quite good and I’ll be including this game in my¬† routine in randomly Playing Online Games for the next few weeks. Oh by the way I met two Filipinos In-game.


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  2. what server did you go to?
    i’ve played this game for a very long time.. but decided to quit after i reached lvl cap.. it got boring and there’s nothing more to do..

    and there are a lot of Filipinos playing this game before i left & i think there would be more atm..
    anyway, good luck playing! ^_^

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