Dota 6.68 Map Download

Dota ain’t stopping as Dota 6.68 Map was released two weeks ago with a new hero. Hero Class: Guardian Wisp Hero Name: Io Range: 525 Movement Speed: 295 Hero Type: Strength Starting Armor: 0 Starting Damage: 33-42 Agility: 14 + 1.6 Strength: 17 + 1.9 Intelligence: 23 + 1.7 Dota 6.68, 6.68b 6.68.C Changed log * Fixed a major bug

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Latest Dota Map 6.59c

Get Dota – The official Dota Allstars Download site just released Latest Dota Map 6.59c yesterday while stable Map is still 6.57b. Dota AI Map is 6.59 AI+ v1.52 (r1). You can get these dotamap at website. Dota Map 6.59c fixes couple of recently discovered exploits.

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