Supreme Destiny Philippines – First Glance



Supreme Destiny Philippines has just gone into open beta last November 23, 2006. As a curious gamer I downloaded the client installation even before the day of the open beta so that I can immediately play the game once its online.

My first Impression

My first impression on the graphics was okay though not the best. By the time I first got a glance at the game it immediately came to my mind that the game is like Diablo with a little lighter environment setting.

I started my journey as a Beast master.  The character was created  nicely, the way the character walk and run is nice too but the attacking animation of beast master should be improved.
Ease of use

I dont think the chosen keys of the game are easy to use for newbie. Its a little bit confusing specially the moving of camera view. It took me a while to get use of the pressing of middle scroll button of the mouse for changing of views. It could be easier if we could just use the page up and down keys or arrow keys like most of the MMORPG are using.Â

I’ll continue to play this Free to Play game Supreme Destiny and make another entry in few days time.

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