SuperCell New Game : Smash Land


If you are really a gamer or at least labeled as mobile gamer you should have played or heard the Finnish Company Supercell. Yeah they are the one responsible for Boombeach, Hay Day and of course the game that used up a lot of our time Clash of Clans. It turned out SuperCell does not just focusing their time in maintaining there three super hit games. Just recently we heard that they are putting lot of testing to their another game called Smash Land.


We haven’t tried the game yet since its only available in Canada itunes but allow us to show to you via a Simon Tay’ youtube video :

Basically, its a puzzle game/slingshot blended with some strategy type of game. It comes with different colorful heroes which you can also upgrade, unlocked lands and eventually by level 6 you can play with friends.



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