Steps – First Glance Review

I tried another 3D online casual dance game called STEPS published by Cubinet Interactive – and developed by Perfect World. Actually, I visited cubizone Philippines but unfortunately I can’t find any information on the local site about Steps – Up to the challenge releasing in the Philippines.

To start with my first glance review on the game, lets talk about the graphics and its game environment. The graphics is not the best out there but I think its just right for this kind of casual game. The environment is very colorful, vibrant that signify a happy community and one of the must have feature which I always look into a game, the camera view rotation and its available in the game. This way you can get a closer look to your character.

For the character creation in STEPS. By default there are only three settings of character you can choose for male and female. Two options for upper outfit, two for the lower outfit and two for the shoes. The players are allowed to customize the color of the hair, can change the color of the clothes and shoes.

As soon as you are done in creating the character you then proceed to the channel section which you can also play record dance video and other options to choose from. See the image below.

Steps allow you to record and play your dancing activities In-game without having a third party software.

You can also accomplish quest for nice rewards like coins and huge exp. There are also different kinds of mode challenge like 4keys Easy, 4keys Team, 4 Keys Couple and a lot more. I’ll be trying those stuff as soon as my fingers are able to adjust to the game.

Some screen captured images of Steps – Up for the challenge

If you want to try the game. Please use this 3336477 as the promoter ID. And download the Steps Client here

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