Starcraft II Legacy of the Void Multiplayer Beta


Starcraft II players has a reason to get pumped up for the next days or months to come as Starcraft II Legacy of the Void Multiplayer will be opening its beta phase this March 31, 2015. Comes with this is a massive and huge changes to Starcraft II. Fans excited and players will sure start coming up with new gameplay strategies.


As we all know Developers of Starcraft II were open as possible with the status of their development, and they strongly believe that the increased cooperation between developers and players is beneficial to StarCraft II which we agree to it as well.

We first saw the initial introduction video to this Starcraft II Legacy of the Void earlier today from their Facebook Page. If you haven’t watch it yet you can check it below. You will know most of the huge new features of units on this video.

Make sure to signup for Beta testing to get an early experience on this new starcraft 2 stuff. You can sign up at

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