Starcraft II : Heart of the Swarm First Glance Review


More than a month after it was released I finally find the time to check this Starcraft 2 Expansion : Heart of the Swarm. Though I did not stopped playing Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty I just could not squeeze in installing the expansion not until today. This would be my first glance review of the game.

After installing the setup file from the DVD the game still requires more than 200MB additional updates from Battlenet. Other than that update everything seem to be smooth and ready playing.

For now I did not bother to try the single player campaign yet as I’m more interested on the Multiplayer feature of the game. Single campaign’s focuses on Kerrigan and hopefully I can play it in the next few days. My first placement game I’ve decided to simply use the army from the non expansion since I don’t want to explore it that time. My second game and on-wards I started to try the newer armies of the Human race which is the Terran such as the Hellbat and Widow Mine. Basically there were seven new units have been introduced into the multiplayer version of Heart of the Swarm. Protoss got three, two for Zerg and Terran. Don’t worry the game seem to be balanced.

Let me mention this for a sec. If you have friends who are still on the Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty no worries as you can still play with them. You can simply switch it to that version.

Some noticed changes on the SC2 dashboard. Players now get experience after playing the multiplayer match. Something like the image below.


And for the two new Terran army the image below shows the Hellbat from Terran Race. It requires 2 supplies  from the depot and you can build this from the Factory with Attachment.




And the below image is the Widow Mine. This can be build from the Factory also even without attachment. Basically if you can find strategy for Widow Mine rush then you may do so.




The Image below are the upgrades for both hellbat and widow mine. You need to build Armory before these upgrades are enabled. Please also note that Siege  Mode of the Siege tank now requires armory to upgrade.



The first few hours playing this expansion I did not experience any issues. The game went smoothly with no lag or anything related to speed. Before I end the first glance review I can say right now that I am very impressed with how Blizzard or the developers made this expansion a more interesting new experience. I’m enjoying it and you can get the game from DataBlitz for PHP 1700+

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