Starcraft 2 Review


Flash Back

I always remember the fun that me and my friends spend countless hours playing  LAN game with  the first installment of Starcraft 11 to 12 years ago at our favorite Icafe somewhere near the University Belt Manila. It was during those time when you need to master your chosen tech tree and execute it as fast as you can to get an edge against your opponent.

Fast forwarding to July 27, 2010, the most awaited strategy game Starcraft 2 was launched. A week or two after I got my digital copy through SouthEast Asia Yes folks I purchased my SC2 License online and just borrowed a DVD from my friend to save some hours to download the SC2 installation Game software.

Play It On

I know this Starcraft 2 review is quite late already but here are my personal opinions, comment and the likes about this game.

First thing first, I played Starcraft 2 on an old AMD 2.1GHz processor with just 1GIG of RAM and a 512MB Radeon Video card. Basically its isn’t the best gaming PC for this game but I can say its playable and bearable in fact I  seldom experience game lag during a 1Human Vs 1Human  and 2 Human vs 2AI game play. So, if you have a computer specification close to this specs you are lucky and you can play the game.

My first try was playing the campaign but I stopped and move to multi-players mode. With that I cannot comment on the story line that much but my initial impression was very nice. The cinematic and the initial campaign mission are interesting and impressive.

For the Multi-Player mode, I’ve decided not to go on with the Leagues and Ladder matches but instead maximize the un-ranking gameplay to get familiarize with my chosen species which is the Human Terran. Initially I played against Normal AI and eventually upgraded the difficulty to hard and stuck there since I cannot beat the AI. I should admit 12 years is quite a long time and my human fingers ain’t that fast anymore however, I believe it can be overcome with more practice.

Starcraft 2 Characters

If you already played Starcraft  you will notice many of its structures name and units still part of SC2. Some new units for Terran are Reaper, Hellion, Thor, Viking, Medivac, Raven and Banshee. For Protoss : Stalker, Immortal, Colossus, Phoenix, Voidray,  High templar, Mothership. For Zerg : Baneling, Overseer, Roach, Infestor, Corruptor, Nydus Worm, and  Broodlord.

The GamePlay

This Real-Time Strategy (RTS) is one of the best out there. Gameplays ain’t boring as players can do different strategies based on the situation his units are  currently in. There is also a time when players need to adjust based on the SC2 Map, the race of the enemy and a lot of other factors like based expansion and combination of units. There’s micro management too that you need to master. I also noticed Starcraft 2 gameplay is a little faster than its predecessors. The enhanced online gameplay is really impressive that I even forget talking about the LAN feature.

The Graphics

Through the years GUI of  most game releases improved and Starcraft 2 did adapted the advancement of GUI that is available at this time. Its interface is very user-friendly and has impressive design. In short SC2 has a great visual graphics.


I think we will be seeing some adjustment in the coming months as many Sc2 players believe in order to maintain balance of the races some units should be adjusted but again its only Blizzard can do it.

Oh by the way for now this review doesn’t tackled the ladder system as I will only play once I really have a lot of extra time to pour on this game.

Since I’m enjoying the game with some of my friends I can say  purchasing the Starcraft 2 – Wings of Liberty game License worth my money. Its entertaining and the way I see it this game will be here for many years to come unless of course if there will be a major game competitor will come out.

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