Starcraft 2 is coming!

Starcraft 2

Starcraft fans like me should be happy about the announcement made by Blizzard Entertainment recently that Starcraft will have a sequel. Though I’m not that sure how long we need to wait before the launching of the game I’m hoping that it will come out not later than next year as fans are really excited about this development.

Starcraft is a game of strategy and hand speed. What I really like with Starcraft is the limitless strategy a gamer can think and execute before and during the game. Most of the time every opponent should have different strategy to counter it. Not to mention this game is good for cyber tournament which has been already proven for the past World Cyber Games Championship.

Does anybody know If we have something like Starcraft Philippines?  I think I need to ask some friends about this. I also wonder if starcraft battle Net  is still active since MMORPG came out several years ago.  For the Filipino Starcraft fans especially the youngsters make sure you do some finger exercise and prepare for the coming of Starcraft 2.

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