Starcraft 2 Bugs and Fixes

Activision-Blizzard has revealed some of the discovered bugs and issues on Starcraft 2.

– Digital Download of Starcraft 2 won’t work for PC users who are still using Fat32. The fix is to switch to the NTFS format before attempting an Internet installation of StarCraft II Wings of Liberty.
– For Apple users Blizzard warned that Mac OS X 10.6 has an issue with Nvidia drivers and according to Activision-Blizzard that using an USB headset somehow has an effect on the SC2 FPS.

– Sound does not play properly on some hardware set to 7.1 sound on Windows Vista/Windows 7. Potential Workaround – Change sound output speaker options to 5.1 or lower.

– Graphical corruption can occur when Paged Pool memory gets low. Potential Fix is to close unnecessary background applications and restart client.

– If you encounter language pack error you can try to fix it by ensuring your system clock is correct can help resolve the error.

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