Spider-Man : Shattered Dimensions

Activision released this debut trailer for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Somehow Activision wants to bring spiderman to gamer’s daily doses. The story were written by Dan Slott, one of the current writers for Amazing Spider-Man. In Shattered Dimensions you will see multiple Spider-Man universes/dimensions from regular Amazing Universe’s red-blue spider outfit that people know from the past games and there is Spider-Man Noir Universe in more darker world where this spidey attack mostly in stealth mode and through pounces on individual enemies

The Interesting part here is that there will be still two other dimensions to be revealed for this game but for the meantime you can check out the debut trailer of Spiderman : Shattered Dimensions below.

The monsters are always with us but there’s always be a hero to fight them. Every night I’m going to be out here leaving the mark of a spider. Somehow I know I’m not the only one

The game will be available for Xbox360, Nintendo Wii & DS, Playstation 3 and probably on other format.

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