Speed Hack For Game like Khan Online


If you visit khan.com.ph forum you’ll see a thread there about Speed Hack. This is an issue where user can run a third party program while running khan client. Once this happen user’s character can use skills to kill mobs faster than the normal attack speed. Of course some khan players doesn’t like using it or maybe they just don’t know how to install and use the said third party program.

Many khan players gave their suggestions that khan client should have game guard like the other MMORPG games here in the philippines. This will eventually stop a software like this in manipulating MMORPG game like Khan Online.

My personal opinion: Gameguard should be embedded to khan client as soon as possible . Eventually, if this speed hack won’t be blocked sooner or later it can damage the game play experience of khan players.


  1. how to use game speed adjuster for khan online?

    every time i run the speed adjuster, my khan online disconnects..

    what should i do?

    can you send to my email the process? or steps?

    thank you very much

  2. I’m not also familiar on how to fix your issue. I really suggest you don’t use Speed hack. You might get banned.

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