Soul of the Ultimate Nation First Glance Review

Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN Online) is a fantasy MMORPG with stunning 3D graphics and game Audio from Korean developer Webzen. The game initially had its closed beta last year around October and went into launching it on the same month. Unfortunately, when my first attempt download file got corrupted last year I totally forgot to re-download it and never had the chance playing it. However, just today I got the nerve to check on the game and downloaded the 2.4G game client

After going to the log in process. You will be welcomed by a well created cinematic movie that serves as an introduction to the story line of S.U.N.. Then you will be going to the process of creating your character. S.U.N has five playable gender-locked classes: (Male Classes) Dragon Knight, Shadow, Berserker and (Female Classes) Elementalist, Valkyrie. Character Customizations are available with the following options : Hairstyle, Height and Face.

The game environment is really nice. It has a fast-paced battle animation that gamers will really notice. I noticed also that S.U.N. comes with a very large map where you can roam around and fulfill those quests. Killing mobs ain’t a problem as they are everywhere. I reached level 12 without so much effort as quests does it all but I’m hoping the gameplay will change when my character will reach a decent level. I can also say that this game has a good narrative story you enjoy while leveling up.

Since this post is just a first glance review, I cannot say much on other stuff like crafting, partying and PVP battles. During the time when I tried the game I’m not seeing an active community as I’m only seeing small numbers of other players’ character roaming in the world of S.U.N. There is also a possibility most of these SUN players are on different map already.

If you are interested to try the game hop in to

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