Silkroad Online : War On Bots

After posting my last entry I still decided to explore (Again) the endless road of Silkroad Online.  With the suggestion of some players in our shop to try premium account I loaded game card through levelup system. Yes, Levelup and Joymax partnered for game credit loading a year ago or it was two years ago. Going premium does not guarantee of easier logging in but I believe it will minimize the number of tries in getting in. To make the story short I was able to level my character starting from Level 1 upto level 15 for few hours. Of course I cannot play longer since I have  a lot of things to manage.

The management of Silkroad made a strong announcement  yesterday that they are now in the process in punishing bot users.  They have been preparing for this several months ago but they mentioned they will only proceed to mass punishment once their system increased accuracy in catching bot users. They just want make sure clean users won’t be affected by their system.

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