Shaiya Online : First Glance

I already played Shaiya back in 2008. During those time I wasn’t really able to blog it here at Anyway, lets jump to the game and lets take a look at it.

Shaiya is rich in 3D graphic and infact its one of the best games published by Aeria. With its stunning graphics its also Free to Play(F2P). Once you logged you get to choose from 4 servers.


As soon as you create you character you will be prompted to choose from Alliance of Light”and”Union of Fury. There is also this game modes that you need to pick as your mode preference.  Easy mode can get you a 5 status Bonus and 3 Skill Bonus but cannot learn special skills and level is limited to 30 while Normal mode can get to you till level 40 with the standard rate of exp and bonus gain. You can also choose as a Human or an Elf. Options for Human includes Fighter, Defender and Priest while for Elf, your option would be ranger, archer and Mage. Other options can be seen on the screen captured below :


Character movement and animations are just some of its stunning features. Personally,  I will continue playing and hopefully I can get a decent level to experience more on the gameplay that you wont experience on a lower level.












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  2. Kung na try mo na mag re-download tapos ganun pa rin try mo muna mag scan ng pc for viruses. Kung wala naman virus at ayaw baka ang source na ng installation ang corrupted.

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  4. I was able to create a character in Shaiya. And to each his/her own, I did not like the experience. Though 3D, Shaiya still lacked the awesomeness of Perfect World, RF, ROSE, Rohan and other online games I have tried playing.

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