Scarlet Legacy Closed Beta

I’m currently downloading several online games today and it will take awhile to finish. One of the game I saw is Scarlet Legacy. The graphics looks nice at least if we base it on the screen captured. Let’s hope the actual game is really okay.

Here is the game description from their official website :

Join the fight and rescue Princess Scarlet from the Evil Forces! Choose from Four Hero Classes
Start your quest as a Warrior, Assassin, Monk and Mystic to save the princess.

Unique Fighting Styles-Each class has specialized fighting styles and can form a skill tree of Normal, Heart or Master Skill to allow for different combinations of abilities!

Powerful Item Sets- Equip an arsenal of rare armor, weapons and costumes to aid you in your quest to save the Princess!

Enchantments and Professions-Combine or create an assortment of items for even more powerful effects and pick from 10 professions Weapons Crafting, Blacksmithing, Cooking, First Aid, Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Herbalism, Mining and Hunting to progress in your journey!

Epic Hero Parties-Fight it alone or create your own party to explore and discover 14 zones and up to 6 instances with your friends!

Build Strong Relationships-Receive bonus items, abilities and in-game perks by using the three match making systems in game such as Lover Couple, Master and Apprentice and God-Brother and Sister!

PvP Death Matches- Settle grudges personally against Friends or Foe. Form guilds with other players to earn PvP ranks, powerful equipment and some of the best items in the Battlefield Arena!

Thousands of Quests-Use the Celestial Mirror to communicate for the main quest to gain exp or choose Daily, Repeat, Social and Event Quest!

Bonus Features Include:

New Automatic Support System – Auto pilot fighting allows for players to arrange skills and items for killing monsters automatically!

Dozens of Special Mounts – Pick and choose a variety of unique mounts for your character and carry your friends on them too!

Pets – Train an assortment of amazing pets to help you fight and level up to be used as your own mount!

Mini Games – Play through a selection of mini games to gain special rewards and test your endurance as a hero!

Unique Chain Killing System – Gain special rewards for over certain number of monsters killed in a row!

You can get your closed beta key at As soon as the download will be completed expect I’ll be posting my first glance review.

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