SC2 Player Jaedong on Starcraft World Championship Season 2 Finals

Team Evil Geniuses Jaedong Beat Alliance Naniwa 3-1 to join Semi finals of Starcraft World Championship Season 2.



Game 1 : Naniwa started with two cannon rush. Then later on became a trade base thing. Naniwa unfortunately only have 3 bases and while Jaedong have 4 bases. When Jaedong destroyed Naniwa two bases and Naniwa destroyed Jaedong two bases Naniwa still cannot cope up since Jaedong still have two extra bases to boost his army.

Game 2 : Jaedong played soo well in game 2. He started by putting hatchery into Naniwa’s expansion location even before naniwa able to create its second Nexus. Later on Jaedong just use swarm host.

Game 3 : Naniwa coming back in this game. He uses two early expansions then Zealot, Voidray combo to defeat Jaedong Hydra, Zerlings and Mutalisks

Game 4 Jaedong is having a hard time in early minutes of the game. But when he switch from weird roach and queen combo into hydra and infestor with 2/2 upgrades he eliminated Naniwa Voidrays plus zealot.

SC2 Player IMFirst on Starcraft World Championship Season 2 Finals


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