Samsung Galaxy Spica : Robo Defense for Android OS

As much as I can afford I’d like to play games on different game consoles, smartphones, and other gadgets available in the market. Just recently I got this Samsung Galaxy Spica that runs on a Smartphone OS Android 1.5, Processor 800 MHz, Display 320 x 480 pixels and Memory 128 MB RAM. Since I’m into gaming I immediately check those games on the Market icon for Android OS.

My first download was Robo Defense, this is an ultimate portable tower defense game. It Feature open maps, upgradeable towers, stat upgrades, achievements and nice graphics. The free version features 1 map with 11 difficulty levels. Robo Defense was developed by Lupis Labs Software with more than 250,000 downloads. Current version is 1.3.0 which was announced last June 28, 2010.

Robo Defense is a simple tower defense game. Your objective is to prevent the enemy from getting to the other end of the screen.

What I want with this game is the open map that allows you to plan and strategize where you want the enemy to pass so that you can eliminate them. Unlike other similar games the route is already fix. The graphics is also nice.

Robo Defense is entertaining and worth to stay on your smartphone.

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