Runes Of Magic – First Glance

It took me several days downloading Runes of Magic US (Chapter II : The Elven Prophecy) and finally, I got the first glance of the game.

Runes of Magic is a free to play MMO and so you don’t need to spend just to try and play the game. Upon login to the game client you will be prompted to pick one from 13 servers available then you proceed to character creation.  The Runes of Magic Screen Captured below shows how the character creation look like. At this point I can say the game has a nice and fine 3D graphics.


For the character classes, you can choose any from Warrior, Scout, Roque, Mage, Priest and Knight. While you can only pick from Human and elf as the race.

The keyboard shortcut keys and the camera view are standard which mean you can see your character in close range. Players gain XP and TP separately when you kill a mobster. TP is a skill point that you can use to upgrade your character SKILL.


Runes of Magic somehow satisfies most of my game preferences except I prefer faster animation when  attacking  monsters which Runes of Magic does the opposite. And since I’m just targeting a decent level, right now I don’t know if there are high level skills that can do fast attack animation. So, far the  gameplay experience is okay and I’m expecting to get better as I level up.

This F2p MMO is worth downloading and if you can wait for the Runes of Magic Philippines to open its door to the masses then that would be another option for you guys to consider since the size of  the game client is 5.2GIG.

Runes of Magic US website
Runes of Magic PH website

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