Rohan’s Game Parlor Review


LU’s Rohan team announced the Rohan’s Game Parlor implementation yesterday. This is a sort of Browser mini game where Rohan gamers will have a chance to win rare items that can boost their character stats.  Then  just today my curiousity led me to put LU game card credits to my Rohan account and checked on this Rohan’s  Mini Game.

Before you can play this mini game you need to add the so called Gold Coin. One gold coin is equivalent to 50rps or P5 in Philippine Peso. Discounts are available when you purchase in bulk.


After that you need now just to click the BIG 5 in your Shortcut links  somewhere in the left corner of your window. Before you click the Play button you will need to choose five(5) which Rohan items that you want to get as your prize.

If you win an item you need to claim it inside the Rohan Client and if  you don’t win you will see YOU WON A TICKET in which you can use it again in either Lucky 7 or Jackpot mini games.

For the lucky 7 mini game, all you have to do is keep at least 7 tickets you get from the Big 5 mini game and you will win an item guaranteed.  While Jackpot mini game is for raffle where the ticket you get from Big 5 will be converted into raffle ticket.

There are also some minor errors I saw. I noticed that when I finally  had won an item my browser   froze but the item was placed into my Rohan Item Mall Inventory.  This happened to me like 5 times. I’m not sure though if this is just my firefox browser.  Another one is the item I got from playing Big 5 but unfortunately its not for my character.  The first image below shows it is a Dekan Mount but when  I checked the info inside the game it shows otherwise. (See the succeeding image)



This development is a good way of killing time while increasing your chances of having that rare items however,  I’d like to remind everyone that you need to buy game cards in order to play this mini games. Please don’t be addicted to it as you might easily lose your RPS points which is equivalent to your  real money. Play only is you can afford to.

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