Rohan Philippines : Dekan at Level 50

Whew! My character in Rohan Philippines finally reached Level 50. It took me more or less 3 months before reaching the said level. Its expected since I play other MMORPGs plus the fact I had more imporant things to do than playing.

Okay Since I’m a Dekan and I’ve choosen Dragon Knight as my 2nd Job. Actually, It took me awhile before deciding to go with Dragon Knight however after doing some readings I’m convinced this would be a better path that matched¬†with my¬†preferences.

I thought the Dragon Knight Quest is difficult but once I went to Caronia’s Tomb located near Limestone Foothill Map I just gave it a try and relying mostly to my HP. I’m a Vit Type Dekan if you may ask. I noticed that there is a spot inside Caronia’s Tomb where the Fire Drake(Red) and Black Drake are located that makes the Level Quest for Dragon Knight easier because other mobs wont be able to attack my character after the default mobs. I just needed to move slowly and kill the default mobs that attacked my Rohan character and avoiding other mobs surrounding it. After that mobs I positioned on the spot that no other mobs can reach it even after the mobs will respawn. Thats the time I killed the Fire Drake and the Black Drake and eventually the last Dragon to slay which is the Glacial Dragon(silver dragon).

Hopefully, I can post additional information about this experience soon.

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