Rohan Philippine Server Merge

Its been more than two months since I last played Rohan Philippines. Today, I came to know from my former clan mates that Rohan Philippines will be merging its servers. If you have accounts in Rohan Philippines, active or not, its really recommended you check out Rohan Philippines official website and read the official announcement. This is to prevent losing some of your characters especially if you have multiple accounts and characters on different servers. Akhma and Marea will become Ohn and Torian+Silva+Syrephis will be Edoneh.

Some important points you should remember :

– Only top 4 characters will be retained after the merging of servers.
– it is advised to delete your other characters if you have more than four so that the system can saved the top four characters you really want to retain.
– Rohan Philippines recommend that you put first all of your crones into your TREASURY.
Read the entire Rohan FAQ.

I’m going to check my account as well as I was once very active in playing Rohan Philippnes. My last experience on server merging was Khan Philippines. Oh Well, server merging sometimes mean that the life span of this MMORPG is shorten unless there is a new stuff that excites Rohan Players. Goodluck to all and hopefully everything will be in placed after the merger.

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