Rohan Exchange Market System

LevelUp Inc just released Rohan Exchange Market. This Rohan Exchange Market is a system that allow Rohan gamers to buy and sell their Game Characters, Items and crones in exchange for RPs. RPs can then be use for buying from Item Mall. The initial steps to access the Exchange Market includes:

1. Buy and Load 50LVL Game Card at
2. Go to
3. Click Exchange Market Image link and click become a member. A one time fee of 500rps or P50 will be deducted from your game load.


4. Then choose the items you want. Please note you can only buy items on the Exchange Market if you have RPs which you already converted.

5. After purchasing your Item, login to your Rohan game and pick your item by clicking Exchange Inventory found on your right bottom icon of your screen.



6. Click Retrieve Item to see your new item.
7. Finally, transfer it to your Inventory.


  1. hi i have successfully bought some items in the exchange market..but my exchange inventory remains empty..i am sure i bought it from the server i was playing..i have also bought some items in the item mall and it went all the items i have there a way to correct this?thanks

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