Restaurant City Tips and Tricks, No Restaurant City Cheat

If you arrived here looking for Restaurant City Cheat well, I suggest checking google or other search engine again as this website don’t have Restaurant City Cheat.

What we have here are some Restaurant City Tips and tricks. These Tips and Tricks will assist you maximize your playing time with this Facebook game.

Basic Restaurant City Tips and Tricks :

1. Remember that Facebook is a social networking site, and so you should play Restaurant City with your network of Friends. Trade Ingredients with them and your Virtual Restuarant will be up in no time.

2. During the early stage of your restaurant don’t focus in beautifying your place. You can always do this at the later level or if your coins are already enough.

3. Learn your Restaurant Menu one at a time. As much as possible you should learn one Starter Menu, One Main Course, One Dessert and one Drink when your level permits it. The higher the level of that menu the better exp you gain.

4. Chef should be at least more than your waiter. The way I see it, it takes more time cooking the food than serving it.

5. Close your Restaurant by putting chair or the mailbox at the door when you need to maintain your rating while your employees are resting and when redecorating your Restaurant.

Design your Restaurant the proper way

1. One important thing you should do is design your restaurant that would delay the walk in customers in reaching the tables. In this way customers who are already eating will have a chance to vacant it before new batch of customers arrives.

2. As much as possible put your stove near the table to minimize distance of serving of the waiters from the stove to the customers’ table. This will save some energy of your employees.

3. If your space allows it, you can put additional chairs to cater customers that would be willing to wait for vacant tables.

4. For Level 8 Restaurant, make sure to put 2 to 3 Toilet bowl for your customers. I noticed customers are frequently using it. Additional Exp points can also be gained from it. (See Image Below)

5. Use Sofa as a divider so that waiting customers can also use it. (See image below)

I uploaded two screen captured I took few minutes ago. Please bare with me as my Interior design is not the best out there and I somehow used up most of my coins in buying rare ingredients to learn some Restaurant Menus. The highest thumbs Up rating I reached so far was 32.5 but please do remember this rating sometimes goes down when waiters and chef energy goes down.


  1. Thank you for sharing this RC tips. This game is really addicting. I’m slowly spending more time at home.

  2. Pwede pala harangan ng gamit ang pinot. LOL! ngayon alam ko na. At ang taas ng rating mo ha. Ano ba maximum?

  3. My restaurant runs at 50 all the time now 🙂 Once you’re fully staffed, it’s a matter of setting up tables properly and boxing in your waiters.

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