Rakion New Year Event Starts today


I haven’t touch my Rakion account for quite sometime now but after knowing that Rakion softnyx Ph is still here doing event for the community and coming up with updates on the game, well interest is coming back. Their latest event is happening today but first read the details below.

New Year Event
Event period: Jan 6 after maintenance ~ Feb 10 2014 before maintenance

New Potion
A new potion is added in the game, called ‘Hide Potion’. Makes your character invisible for a short amount of time or until you’re attacked by an enemy.
Rewards for new users
Are you a new user? Haven’t played Rakion before? Then this is the perfect time to you try the game and get special rewards.

Mechanics: When new user make master apprentice relationship during the event period, +50% special reward will be given from the original reward.

It’s Back!!
The Power User card is now available in the shop. Level up faster with 50% more EXP, Chaos point required is significantly reduced to 5 kills, and 5 seconds more chaos time. The Power User card also gives permanent 5 PU stat. So don’t miss out to get this power.

Rewards for accumulated cash used
During the event period, great items will be given for the accumulated cash amount you used. Upon reaching the amount below, item will immediately be given. 70.000 Cash used ? Auto Enchant / 50.000 Cash used ? Power user / 30.000 Cash used ? Creature EXP Pack

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